Haleakala national park


Haleakala is a united states national park on the island of maui in the states of hawaii. It was originally created as part of the Hawaii National Park along with the volcanoes of Mauna Loa and Kilauea on the island of Hawaii in 1916. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was made into a separate national park in 1961. The park area was designated anInternational Biosphere Reserve in 1980. The name Haleakal is Hawaiian for "house of the sun." According to a local legend, the demigod Maui imprisoned the sun here in order to lengthen the day.

The park features the dormant Haleakal (East Maui) Volcano, which last erupted at around 1490. The park is divided into two distinct sections: the summit area and the coastal Kipahulu area.The two sections of the park average 1,450,000 visitors per year.


The Haleakala national park its an amazig place. We was ther and the volcanoes was so big and unbelievable. The day was just thraed and amazing, so we was in there for the whole day.

- Trude

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