Waikiki beach, the most beautiful beach on this planet


Before I am starting to tell about our adventure on this famous beach, it is good to begin with some facts. The beach is 520 m long. The name ''Wakiki'' means "spouting fresh water" in the Hawaiian language. There are a lot of hotels and parks next to the beach, so they have many visitors there.

Today we have been to the fantasticWaikikibeach! The beach is situated inHonoluluwhich is the capital ofHawaii- If you were wondering. TheWaikikibeach is the worlds most famous beach, so it is pretty cool that we have been there today. The beach is totally living up to it's name ''the worlds most famous beach''. I really understand why it is the most famous beach, to put it that way.

The pictures are speaking for themselves. But anyway, I have so much to tell about our day out on the beach. The ocean was turquoise, the beach was white and the palmtreeswere nicelly placed like the icing on a cake. There were of course a lot of people there, but It did notbother us.

This beach is one of a kind, and is topping my list of great beaches ... . Nice weather, wonderfull sand and terrific clear blue - orI should say, "turquoise"! - water. Everything was simply great! A variety of resturants, and we didnt stay hungry! Our choice for the day was The Ocean House Restaurant, a fine restaurant with a great view!

We were swimming and bathing a lot and had a great time. No doubt, this has to be the most beautiful beach in the whole world! This is also a popular place among surfers, so we watched a lot of surfers. We have actually been thinking of surfing ourselves tomorrow, beacuse there are quite a few traning courses for first-time surfers here. Well see what well do, but we are eager to surf up like the big-time surfers who have challenged the great Hawaiian waves.

- Vendla

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